Live Learn and Grow

First of all I would like to start off by staying thank you to all of you who take your time to read the blog. I have had quit a few of you ask if I am going to continue writing my blog. The answer to that is...yes! Yes I am and don't worry I was just lost in the time and adjustments to our new adventures!

Moving to the big city...well not really that big compared to like Chicago by any means...but it seems to be growing and new buildings popping up left and right. We really are enjoying the perks of the city life for the most part, although there are some downfalls.

I started back at college for my bachelors in interior design at Kendall College of Art and Design of Ferris State University. This has been a huge adjustment and yet very rewarding. The girls love that Mom is going to college and working to have a great career. I was absolutely terrified going back, but I knew this was Gods plan and he made it all work out. I am very thankful for this amazing opportunity.

The girls are all adjusted to their new grades this year and doing great! I cannot be more proud of them. They are working hard and studying. We made a pack on the first day of school that all four of us were going to get good grades! It is hard to believe that the school year is almost half way over already.

With all our big adjustments I have to say that I have lived and keep on living to learn and grow. We must learn and use that to grow.

What They Don't Tell You About Joint Custody

My Ex Husband and I have had joint custody now for almost two years. I was against the whole idea of joint custody in the beginning of the divorce proceedings. My thoughts were, there was no way I will be without my Daughters for five days strait. After sitting through three mediation's we finally came to an agreement that joint custody would be best for our Daughters. It has proven statistics through the court system that equal time with both supporting parents is less stressful on the girls. It honestly took me a while to understand that part. Being a stay at home mom they were use to me being there for them 24/7. From sunrise to sundown and those middle of the night "Mom" calls. I've learned joint custody is a roller coast of emotions. I had no one else to share or prepare me for what I was about to go through. Here is what I have learned about joint custody.

  1. It never gets any easier. Just when you think you got this emotional roller coaster under control, you don't. The beginning will break your heart. Literally ripped out and stomped on the ground kind of break your heart. It will take time for the kids to get use to it as well. Until then there will be screaming, clinging and don't leave me battles. My Daughters had a hard time adjusting at first leaving me as I did them. We still have a hard time but can manage our emotions a lot better. 
  2. You will cry. A LOT. I cry every single time right after parenting time exchanges still to this day. I cry when the house is to quiet. In the beginning of our divorce I would sit in my Daughters bedrooms and cry on the floor. I couldn't tell you how many times I prayed to God to help me through the new transitions. I hated the quietness and being alone. 
  3. You may think you'll enjoy the quiet time while they are away at their Dads, but the silence will make you miss the more than ever. You'll miss the laughter, the fighting and the feet running around the house. Everyone talks about how they look forward to the "me" time and I don't yet full comprehend it. I fill up my me time with work, family, friends and cleaning. I still can't find myself just sitting in a quiet house without my Daughters. 
  4. You will miss the bedtime stories and kisses on the nights they are at their Dads. You'll treasure the bedtime battles more than ever when they are home. 
  5. You learn that cooking isn't fun for one or two people. You look forward to family dinner when they get home and not care so much about the clean up. 
  6. When you see other kids you will start to miss your own and want them home instantly. 
  7. You will learn you don't like to share your kids but know you have to do the right thing because they have two loving parents. 
  8. You will still have almost daily communication with your children's other parent.
  9. You will learn how to put hurt aside just to make joint custody work for the kids. 
  10. You never want your kids to choose a side, or make them feel guilty. You have to remember as parents you both love them and want to spend just as much time with them. You will never take parenting for granted. You look forward to them running into your arms after being away at their Dads. 

Through out my blog I will be sharing posts about blended families, custody and divorce. I didn't know a whole lot going into these subjects. I have had a lot of learn as you go. Please feel free to comment below. 

The Tally Sheet Garage Sale App

How many of you have held a garage sale or have been to one? I'm pretty sure we all have at some point right? As a parent I love to hit the garage sales. Lets be real though, having a garage sale can be a lot of preparation and time consuming. I can think back to the first grange sale I had and tallying up on paper everything I sold along with the price. In the end adding up the price of everything to see the outcome while making no mistakes because we all know starting over can be a pain.

That is where the app Tally Sheet comes in play! If you have not already heard about this app you're missing out. Tally Sheet is founded by a local Grand Rapids couple who know all about running a garage sale. It is completely free to download. Be sure to check it out and downloaded it for your next garage sale!

What all does Tally Sheet exactly do? 
  • It is used as a cashier. It cashes out your customers and keeps track of your sales. 
  • It can be used on multiple phones. It's great for those of you who have a multi-family garage sale since it keeps track of each seller!
  •  It calculates your change for you.
  • Importantly it keeps you organized and stress free. 
  • It is available on all smart phones. 

The next time you have a garage sale whether its a multi-family sale or not, be sure to download this amazing app to keep you organized. 

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Three Sisters and Us is back!

I honestly didn't know what to title this blog post. So that is as good as it will get, "WE'RE BACK!"

I don't even know where to begin. Just over a year ago I decided to take a break from blogging and focus mainly on m Daughters and myself. There has been many big changes in our lives. I will be speaking and opening up about these changes on the blog. So what have we been up to this past year? Well....Let me give you a short recap. More details to come as I blog.

In August 2016 my divorce was finalized. Yes that's right, I have been going through the process of divorce during this past year. Divorce is not something I wish upon on anyone. It has given me a whole new outlook on life. You will learn that my divorce was not that simple and a lot of pain in the beginning. I will touch on this subject on the blog.

In April of 2016 I found God in a whole new perspective and professed my faith. It was the first time I spoke out about my journey in front of the church congregation let alone anyone. I learned in that moment I don't need to hide my battles and fears. There are many other people just like us going through similar situations and only God can judge.

In August of 2016 My Daughters and I moved out of the suburbs into the country. was a whole new world to us. I learned that I am not so much a country gal.

In February 2017 My Daughters and I moved back to the city. This time the big city, here in the heart of Grand Rapids. It was a big change getting use to living in a bigger city. The only downfall is the traffic. Other than that we are slowly adapting to it and loving it. We live close by a big park that we have found to enjoy.

In the midst of all of this beautiful chaos I have met an amazing Man. He didn't have to endure my beautiful chaos but he did and I am forever grateful! He is amazing with my daughters. I didn't let them meet till we were serious for seven months.  How long do you think a parent should wait before introducing them to their significant other?  I felt very strong about this topic. I'd love to hear your input in a comment below!

During the past year I have been learning a lot about co-parenting. I have researched and borrowed books based on co-parenting from the local library. Therefore this will be one of my main topics on the blog now. Co-parenting is a topic I feel that needs to be addressed. There are many positives to co-parenting than we realize. It's all about the kids in reality. Putting our needs second and our children's needs before ours. I have learned myself that resentment does not go in hand with co-parenting.

I am now a working Mom as a CNA. I also have been in the progress of starting college again this coming fall. I am very excited for this journey and to also show my Daughters you can do anything you put my heart and mind to. I'm going into Human resource management for my bachelors and associates in business management.

After the past year we have grown as a family and are stronger than ever. We appreciate the love and support from our family and friends.

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