The Tally Sheet Garage Sale App

How many of you have held a garage sale or have been to one? I'm pretty sure we all have at some point right? As a parent I love to hit the garage sales. Lets be real though, having a garage sale can be a lot of preparation and time consuming. I can think back to the first grange sale I had and tallying up on paper everything I sold along with the price. In the end adding up the price of everything to see the outcome while making no mistakes because we all know starting over can be a pain.

That is where the app Tally Sheet comes in play! If you have not already heard about this app you're missing out. Tally Sheet is founded by a local Grand Rapids couple who know all about running a garage sale. It is completely free to download. Be sure to check it out and downloaded it for your next garage sale!

What all does Tally Sheet exactly do? 
  • It is used as a cashier. It cashes out your customers and keeps track of your sales. 
  • It can be used on multiple phones. It's great for those of you who have a multi-family garage sale since it keeps track of each seller!
  •  It calculates your change for you.
  • Importantly it keeps you organized and stress free. 
  • It is available on all smart phones. 

The next time you have a garage sale whether its a multi-family sale or not, be sure to download this amazing app to keep you organized. 

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