I'm Back!

No one tells you life is going to be easy.

 It doesn't always go with the flow or as you may have originally planned. Life is not always going to be this perfect paved road, in fact there will be many dirt roads you have to travel to get where you need to be; want to be. 

Sometimes certain people will come into your life and become road blocks or speed bumps. You need to learn to navigate around those people. Never allow someone who means little to you to become a speed bump or road block. 

Or yet, even a life situation, Everyone comes to a roadblock or speed bump at some point and time. 

So when you come upon a speed bump or road block learn to navigate or push right through and over them. God is there to help if you allow him. Use God as your anchor during the difficult times. 

I'm back!

I would like to thank everyone who has still came to visit my blog while I disappeared for a short while. We all go through some hardships and mine I had to take a moment to myself. I was still writing as I just shared a piece above.  I am officially back and happy to be back into my blog. 

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